Live Mapper


Real-time Face Tracking and Projection Mapping Software


Live Mapper is a real-time Facial Projection Mapping software created by Paul Lacroix. It was used in Project Omote, Face Hacking, in the music video The Come Down (from the British artist Empara Mi), in the Japanese promotion video of the movie Ghost in the Shell, in the music video of Merci (from the Japanese band rock Kamiboku), the Van Gogh Face Projection Mapping (at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Ueno).


The first version of Live Mapper was working with OptiTrack motion capture system but recent version also accepts its own custom-made motion capture system. This software is flexible and adjustments can be done in order to make it working with other motion capture systems.


"Project OMOTE:

Face Tracking & Projection Mapping"

"The Come Down" (Empara Mi)

"Face Hacking" (on FujiTV)

Promotion video for the Japanese release of the movie  "Ghost in the Shell"

"Merci" (Kamiboku)

"Van Gogh - Face Projection Mapping"

(Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Ueno)

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